Music Alarm Clock for Spotify

Music Alarm Clock for Spotify, by Will, is the only iOS alarm app for Spotify.

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What’s Required

  • Lock your Screen for the full alarm to go off.
    If you keep the app open, only a short preview will go off.
  • Ringer should be on.
    This is the physical switch on the left side of your device. Don't want to hear random notifications at night? See below in Tips and Tricks!
  • A Spotify account.
    A free account works!
  • Safari.
    This is so you can log in to Spotify.
  • Do Not Disturb should be off.
    See Tips and Tricks below on other ways to block notifications at night.
  • Notifications for Music Alarm Clock should be enabled in Settings.
    You are prompted to do this the first time you enable an alarm.

What You Need to Know

  • How to Stop or Snooze an Alarm (This is Important!)
    1. Make sure your device screen is locked (so the full alarm can go off)
    2. When the alarm goes off, either
      • Swipe the notification left and select "View", or
      • Apply 3-D Touch on the notification by pressing firmly on it.
    3. Select either “Stop” or "Snooze"
    You must select one of these options. If you simply ignore the alarm, or clear it away temporarily, it will go off again; it interprets that as a snooze! If this seems like a hassle, well, that's the point of an alarm.

Common Issues

  • Apple Watch Users
    1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone.
    2. Tap on Notifications.
    3. Scroll down and turn OFF mirroring for Spotify Alarm Clock.
  • Do not set a Screen Time limit.
    If you do not remember doing this, you probably didn't.

Tips and Tricks

  • Want to still block notifications at night, even with the ringer turned on and Do Not Disturb turned off?
    • Option 1: Turn on Airplane Mode before sleeping.
      • Be careful - you need internet connection to "set" or enable an alarm! It does not need internet for the alarm to go off, but it does need internet to set it. Only put your device in Airplane Mode AFTER you’ve already set (enabled) the alarm by sliding on the green switch.
    • Option 2: Schedule Do Not Disturb’s time interval in Settings to end right before your alarm goes off.
      • For example: I have an 8:00 alarm. I schedule Do Not Disturb to end at 7:59. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Schedule.
  • Want to show Alarm Previews on the Lock Screen without having to unlock?
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Scroll all the way down to Spotify Alarm
    3. Tap on Notifications
    4. Set Show Previews to be Always
  • Low on Storage?
    • Clear your song Cache. The button for this is at the top of the Help page.
  • Don’t want to sign into Spotify every time?
    • Allow Safari (or iCloud) to store your credentials, and the entire authentication flow will take less than a second.
  • Want to continue listening to your song in Spotify after the alarm goes off?
    • Simply click on the Alarm Notification when it goes off, and it’ll continue in Spotify!
  • Want your alarm to go off even when the app is open?
    • I'm not sure why you wouldn't lock your screen, but you can go to your device's Settings > Notifications > Music Alarm Clock > Banner Style = Persistent

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Alarms

    • Why are alarms limited to 30 seconds?
      • Given my lack of a legal partnership with Spotify, I would be sued if I provided entire songs. Doing so would violate the Developer Terms and Conditions of the Spotify API. Note that I have been making strides towards a partnership and full-length songs are in the near future. Email me if you have any questions about this!
    • How can I play the entire song from the beginning?
      • If you have a premium Spotify account and the Spotify app installed, tap on the alarm notification when it goes off to play the entire song in Spotify.
      • Note the point above about the alarm itself being 30 seconds. Playing the entire song happens after you tap on the notification.
    • Why does "Continue in Spotify" not work when I tap on the alarm?
      • You need a premium Spotify account to play the song in Spotify.
    • I'm searching for a song and it's not showing up - what am I doing wrong?
      • Search by Artist, not song. For example, if you are trying to play "Thriller" and nothing is showing up, search instead for "Michael Jackson"
      • If nothing still shows up, see below ("Why are not all songs available?")
    • Why are not all songs available?
      • Again, my current legal situation (noted above) currently restricts me from having unlimited access to copyrighted material. The USA has a fair share of free audio preview clips, yet some parts of the world do not. If you are unsatsified with the selection in your country, email me and I will send you a refund for the inconvenience.
    • How do I snooze an alarm?
      • On the Lock Screen: Use 3D Touch on the Notification and select Snooze.
      • While the device is awake: Pull down on the notification and select Snooze.
    • What is the green slider switch on the right side of an alarm?
      • Slide the green slider to the Right in order to activate an alarm. Use this switch to easily toggle alarms on and off, just like in Apple's Native Alarm Clock App.
    • How do I loop for longer than 1 minute?
      • Every alarm goes off for one minute. Therefore, set multiple alarms back to back if you are a heavy sleeper.
    • What does Never Repeats mean?
      • If you never set your alarm to repeat, it will be labeled "Never Repeats." This means it is a one-time alarm that will only go off once.
  • Playlists

    • How do I "save" a new playlist? It isn't showing up.
      • When you are done editing a playlist, click the < BACK button to save changes.
    • What are Playlists?
      • Playlists are collections of songs. In this app, setting a Playlist as your alarm means that a random song from the Playlist will wake you up every morning.
    • Why can’t I import playlists from Spotify?
      • Until Spotify approves an official partnership with me, it is illegal for me to directly stream any copyrighted music from the Spotify app. I would get sued. This is why I can only provide 30 second preview clips, and it is also why you have to create playlists within the app. While this may sound awful, the app continues to improve in great strides. The first version of the app, in January 2019, wouldn’t let you lock your screen or even leave the app at night! The second version didn’t have ANY playlist support, and had tons of bugs. The app is continuing to improve every day and it will eventually offer all of Spotify’s content through the app. Email me for any updates on this progess!
    • I have over 100 songs in a playlist, but it plays the same song every Monday. What should I do?
      • If you want new songs every week, launch the app (less than one second is needed) to refresh the random song selections.


  • Is Music Alarm Clock not what you were looking for? I do not handle refunds, Apple does: find the receipt they emailed you and click "Report A Problem" to receive your refund. It may take a day for Apple to send the receipt.
  • Please still email me the bug you encountered so I can fix it for everyone else. As always, email me for any clarifications or support.

Contact Me

  • Email me at! You can simply tap the mail icon below. I respond to everyone.
  • Let me know if you think there's anything I should add to this support page.